5 things we learned from Buzzfeed’s VP of Design

Buzzfeed’s new VP of Design Cap Watkins likes to go fast. His big ideas and perpetual drive have led him to some of the biggest tech companies in the world today; from Etsy and Amazon to his current home at Buzzfeed.

Working in the biggest companies needs a lot of work, and experience  but also means you learn every day, you start to look like the company looks to the world, start to think in team and not just for yourself .

success comes from accountability

Here’s five takeaways that every creative should keep in mind to craft a happy, productive career.5 things we learned from Buzzfeed’s VP of Design

Incredible New Tools & Apps for Designers

Nowadays the way we design and create is so far different than twenty years ago. Many things change, the data is bigger, the communication faster but that fact doesn’t mean that design is easier. Few days ago I found a list of interesting tools that can help in the process of design.

Looking in the list and reading the description I found out that some of them says that the app is so good that they don’t need any graphic designer help, well maybe it´s true, they can create something pretty nice, but as the matter of fact something good looking doesn’t mean that it´s designing  and useful.

So these tools are cool, they can help us to product our ideas, but the tools are not making the design. We do.

Incredible New Tools & Apps for Designers

How to create logo files?

When the design is done and the client is totally agree with it, there comes the time when you have to send the files, sometimes you really don´t have idea of how or what to send.

I´ts importan to know what your client is going to do with the logo, it will be in black and white? It will be used on web? It will be full colour printed?

If we want to be professionals there´s another job we have to do: send the right files, at the end as a professional designer you will be ensure that the logo will look good in every aplication.

Here are some tips to save the files, and their uses.

Guide to Create Logo Files

User Testing as a Design Driver

When Designers create an app is important to understand that the users don’t see what we see, the visual language of average people is different, so the first thing to define is the audience, to completely understand their environment.

Looksery created a product for users, not designers, but is not as easy as its sound, at first they integrate UI trendy features but sometimes the fact that it look pretty well doesn’t mean that it works. Apps that look awesome come and go, however apps that had an awesome design and structure are simple and basic and those apps always kept.

The process of the new partner of SnapchatUser Testing as a Design Driver

Identifying the problem doesn’t necessarily mean the identification of its cause. You have to dig deeper.

Are you screw it up with the client?

Nowadays is not just about design, if you are a graphic designer you have to work to improve other skills that are just not about creativity. One of these skills is presenting.

You had to know how to talk, what is good to say and what is not, so presenting is a core design skill, not another skill that you can´t avoid, and live without it.

I don´t have a lot of experience yet, but it so easy to screw it up with the client, but we can practice, so here are 13 ways designers screw it up client presentations.

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